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Our Praying Mantis

Hi, it is Esther, 5A news reporter. I am writing about our(5A)own class pet, praying mantis. If you want to know more about it, keep reading this aricle. You will find out soon!
We didn’t have any name for our mantis. So we just called it praying mantis. When Christopher first brought in the mantis, Ms. Kim(5A teacher) was very surprised at it. We knew alot about what mantis eats. In recess, we caught some insects. It was summer time so we caught alot of them. sometimes, we caught even three or four dragonflies for our mantis. It ate it all.

When it became colder, it started to get fatter and fatter. First we thought it ate too much and became fat. However it wasn’t. It was pregnant! It couldn’t even climb up the wall! We tried to get some food for it but the insects was less than the summer. One weekend, after sunday, Chris brought an empty cage. It didn’t had any live things in it. Then Christopher slowly opened his mouth and said that the mantis died but it laid the egg and die. We asked him if he will raise the egg or not and he said….he will!
After few weeks, He caught another mantis and said, “I will raise this”

Ms. Kim said “Christopher, never. Not again.” That meant Christopher has to let it go. That is how come he let the mantis go on 2010/10/19. And… The mantis period was finished for 5A.