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Poem a Day Challenge #4

This is day 4 of the Poem a Day Challenge!! Thank you for keeping up with the challenge everyday. It’s not too late to contiue with the challenge. Even if you missed a few posts, please continue to participate. For prizes, everyone that participates will enter to win the following prizes:

1) A Copy of Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

2) No Homework Passes

3) Blank Book to put your poems in.

4) Special Lunch with Ms. Kim

5) Blank Canvas to paint on.

6) Poetry Books (To be determined)

7) Pencil case

*Everyone that participates will get a certificate! : ) 

Again, leave your name and link to your post for today’s poem in the comments section. Happy writing!

P.S. Keep blogging on Saturday & Sunday for the challenge! 🙂


Poem a Day Challenge #3

Wow, everyone has been writing some great poems! Make sure take a look at the poems from the first and second day of the challenge.

Today is Day 3 of the challenge. If you didn’t have a chance to put up your post yesterday, please put it up today under the Day 2 challenge comments section.

Here’s my poem for today:

By Myself (Inspired by Elose Greenfield’s)

When I’m by myself

And I close my eyes

I’m a sister and daughter.

I’m a closet full of clothes .

I’m a singing flute

I’m a cluttered classroom full of chairs and children

I’m a sandy ocean

I’m a pink rose about to bloom

I’m a caterpillar ready to transform

I’m whatever I want to be.

Valentine’s Day Heart Poems

Happy Valentine’s Day~!!

Take a look at our heart poems & heart maps!

Which poems do you like? What did the writer’s do well in their poems?