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carnation experiment

Food Colored Flowers

By: Gia

5A, did a fun experiment in science.
Ms. Kim got few white flowers and food coloring, and we mixed them in a vase with water! We waited for 1 day to see what will happen and most of the class predicted that the flowers will turn into the color we mixed. However, only green and red were mostly colored.
Lots of girls and boys asked Ms.Kim for flowers.
Especially the girls were in a crowd and pointing, asking to the flower they want. Amanda said, “I want that one please!” Pointing to the flower. However, Ms.Kim said, “Every flower is pretty! Take this!” While Ms. Kim handed out the flowers, Max said, “I’m going to give them for my mom!” The girls took what Ms. Kim gave them, but they all had pretty flowers in their hand.
I think everyone enjoyed the experiment! 🙂