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Native American Museum Exhibits

Museum Exibits
By: Gia
This week, 5A is working hard for the museum exibits. Everyone was asking for hot glue to stick their projects. Lots of boys was using scissors to carve the sticks they got from outside. They made a big mess, which made Ms.Kim upset. Ms. Kim said, “Guys, next time put the newspaper on the ground!” Lots of girls were making costumes with Ms. Kim’s cloths  and also the materials they brought. When the cloths ran out, Ms.Kim had to buy new ones. Making costumes, weapons, and houses were hard, but everyone enjoyed making it! However, the rug got messy again, and the whole class had to clean the mess up.

Lots of people were walking around and making lots of things. I think we will make a great museum exibit! Great work 5A, and let’s make it great! 🙂