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Fun with Fungi: Mushroom Spore Prints

For science, we have been studying ecology. We learned about different decomposers including fungi. We took mushrooms and left the cap on a piece of paper over night and look at what we found!


Field Trip to Egg Hall

By: Jenny On Thursday, Nov.11, 2010,  5A and 5B went to Experience the green growth which was in Jong –no. In Experience the green growth, we listened to a small lesson and we learned many things about the world. We learned about global warming, electric car and a lot of other stuff. It was really amazing and we learned that we have to protect our Earth from global warming.

After the small lesson we went outside to eat lunch. Eating outside and eating together was really yummy! After the lunch we went out to take some pictures. There was King Se Jong. We took a picture. While we was taking pictures there were so many police because of G20. Everybody was excited. Especially, the boys. It was really short good field trip. We had really good time!!!