Here are some fun and interesting science websites for students! Enjoy!

National Geographic for Kids – This website has great games and information about different topics!

Time for Kids Korea – This is the website for our Time for Kids magazine we get each month. You can listen to some of the articles.

Time for Kids USA – This is the Time for Kids USA edition. Check it out for other cool articles!

Try Science –  There are interesting online experiements and experiements you can do at home. There are also virtual field trips that you can take to different museums! Check it out!

The Exploratorium – Check out the video of the cow dissection if you are feeling brave. Or, look at the Venus fly trap feast video! Many interesting science

Science News for Kids – The latest on science news about a whole range of science topics including chemistry, earth, biology, dinosaurs, human body, weather and more!


4 responses to “Science

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  2. ★Jenny Penny★

    …….I live science but….
    I only like experiments

  3. MaxMaxMaxMaxMax

    We dissected a white mouse yesterday. I had to take out the heart.

  4. Oh really? That’s really cool! I never dissected a mouse. I only dissected a frog.

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