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Student Artwork on Display in City Hall!

Here are some of the art pieces that were on display this past weekend at city hall! Congratulations to all the students who had their art work for the public to admire!

Gia winning an award!

Jenna's Artwork

Gracie's artwork

All the student artwork on display in the streets of Seoul!


We are Live on Twitter!

Our class is now live on twitter! Follow our classroom as we will post daily things that are happening. Get the latest updates on all the exciting stuff happening in our classroom.

Happy Birthday Kayley!

Today in class we celebrated Kayley’s birthday! Some of the yummy muffins from the party!

Fun Websites!

Do you want to be a movie maker?

You can do it easily by signing up for  a free animoto account:


Do you like taking photos? Do you want to put your photos together in a cool collage? Have fun with this free website!


Have fun!

Updating Your Blog

Hi Team Inspire!

If you would like to add a clustr map to  your widgets, please go to the following site:

Then, put in the URL (Web address of your blog) and your e-mail, and click on MAKE MY MAP.

Once your map is created, you will get the HTML CODE (which looks like a bunch of letters and numbers) that you will copy and paste into your widgets section.

You will need to add a TEXT widget to your box. This is where you can paste your Clustr Map code!

After a day or so, the clustr map should be up and running. A few students have already put a Clustr Map on their blog, including Max and Kayley. You can ask them for help as well.

Poem a Day Final Reflection

Congratulations on completing the poem a day challenge. You should be proud of posting a new poem every single day, for these past 2 weeks! It is not easy to blog everyday. The final part of this challenge is to write a short reflection on your thoughts about participating. Here are some questions you can answer. Feel free to be creative! Maybe you want to write your reflection as a poem or make a glogster poster about it! 🙂

  • What did you learn from participating in the challenge?
  • What did you enjoy about the challenge?
  • What was difficult about the challenge?
  • What motivated you to stay in this challenge?
  • What did you think about the comments you received?
  • Did you get to read other people’s poems and leave comments?
  • What changes could Ms. Kim make for this challenge next year?
  • Would you have liked to do this challenge for more than 2 weeks? If yes, for how long? 🙂

Please leave a link to your reflection in the COMMENTS section! 🙂 I look forward to reading everyone’s reflections. We will have the drawing for the prizes tomorrow morning in community circle!

Poem a Day Challenge #14!

It’s the last day for the challenge! Please include a link to your final poem in the comments section. Tomorrow, you will write a reflection piece about participating in the challenge and we’ll have a draw to see who wins the special prizes for participating! 🙂