I am…

Here is Ms. Kim’s poem for Day #4:

I am who I want to be.

I am sky blue with a hint of pink

I am a ruby shimmering in the sunlight.

I am the fresh layer of snow dancing in the air.

I am the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower.

I am a cheetah running across the Savannah.

I am an oak tree rooted in the ground spreading my leaves.

I am a pencil writing my own story.

I am me.


8 responses to “I am…

  1. Ms. Kim!
    I wrote my poem and some other things!!!
    Can you come and see it?!
    Also my classmates, come to my blog!!!

  2. http://cutiejune.wordpress.com/ my poem is about my old beetle that went bye bye

  3. Come and check mine out! kk 😛 😀 🙂


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