Poem a Day Challenge #3

Wow, everyone has been writing some great poems! Make sure take a look at the poems from the first and second day of the challenge.

Today is Day 3 of the challenge. If you didn’t have a chance to put up your post yesterday, please put it up today under the Day 2 challenge comments section.

Here’s my poem for today:

By Myself (Inspired by Elose Greenfield’s)

When I’m by myself

And I close my eyes

I’m a sister and daughter.

I’m a closet full of clothes .

I’m a singing flute

I’m a cluttered classroom full of chairs and children

I’m a sandy ocean

I’m a pink rose about to bloom

I’m a caterpillar ready to transform

I’m whatever I want to be.


13 responses to “Poem a Day Challenge #3

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  4. this person did it late ms.kim!

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