Poem a Day Challenge #2

Hi Team Inspire!

We had great participation yesterday with poems from everyone in our class! 🙂

I enjoyed reading your poems, I will try to leave more comments on posts today. 

Today is the second day of the challenge. Please add the link to your post in the comments section. Then, write positive comments on at least 4 other posts!

Feel free to tell your family and friends about your blog and encourage them to leave a comment! Happy writing! : )


14 responses to “Poem a Day Challenge #2

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  2. poem a day challenge #2
    Posted on April 6, 2011 by sophie0206
    This is another poem I would like to share. I hope you like it!


    Isee flowers blooming everywhere.

    The little seeds began to grow after their sleep

    It’s spring! It’s spring!

    Oh joy has returned

  3. easylifestyles

    Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time sitting down to writing short stories and poems is something I truly enjoy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

    A Great Day for Spring – Poem

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