Poem A Day Challenge #1

Every day we will post at least 1 original poem that you have written. Please include a link to your post with the poem. Leave a positive & encouraging comment on at least 4 other blogs from our class! 🙂

We’ll have special prizes for those of you who participate in our challenge for the next two weeks including Saturday & Sundays!

Ms. Kim’s Poem for today!

I am a dolphin

Grey as the ashes that rise from a campfire.

I swim across vast oceans.

I play with my friend.

I can catch fish.

I can jump into the sky.

I am a dolphin.


26 responses to “Poem A Day Challenge #1

  1. This is my poem. It is called Friendship. Please comment! Poem A Day Challenge #1

  2. DDDDOOOOONNNNEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!I think so.

  3. Sry i made a mistake.. if you want to come..


  4. sorry… 😦 I made a mistake.. plz come 2…^^

  5. sorry..:( I made a mistake.. please come 2…^^

  6. sorry:( I made a mistake.. please come 2^^

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