Making Volcanoes!

For science, we are busy making volcanoes for our landforms unit. We will be able to share the volcanoes when we teach the second graders.

adding flour

measuring 6 cups of flour

Mixing it together!

Mixing the food coloring with our hands!

Rolling out the dough!

Gluing the newspaper balls!

The volcano slowly forms!

Putting the playdough to make the volcano shape!


7 responses to “Making Volcanoes!

  1. MaxMaxMaxMaxMax

    Heh Heh. I see my tools.


    I like to make dough but,
    our group failed!!!!
    so we tried again…

  3. I SEE MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE!

  4. Wow… this is cool!

  5. The salt was sharp so it made 6 cuts on my hand…
    But it was fun making it.

  6. I see my self i mean hand !!!! my hand is famous

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