Field Trip to Petra’s

Today, on this very cold winter day, we traveled to Itaewon for a taste of middle-eastern food at Petra’s. ( restaurant is located on top of a hill, next to the main street of Itaewon. It is easiest to get to by walking from exit 2 of Noksapyung station. We got a chance to sample different foods from Jordan. Take a look at the delicious foods we tasted today! Which dish was your favorite team inspire?? 🙂

Yaser explains to us about the food.


naan bread

fried falafal (chick peas)

tabouli and sauces

chicken kabab


chicken & rice dish

fruit dish for dessert


6 responses to “Field Trip to Petra’s

  1. ★Jenny Penny★

    It was really cool!
    I want to visit again!

  2. ☆Gracy Macy

    It was really yummy !!! (WE fought over the food mostly desert)

  3. Petra is my first US friend’s name!!! However it was really yummy! Yummy and exiting. The owner was really kind.

  4. ★Jenny Penny★

    It was a really great time
    I loved it!

  5. Wow, you went to Itaewon!

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