Our Museum’s Grand Opening!

By: Jenny

Last Wednesday, we had a Native American Museum. For the Native America Museum we learned several things. For our Native American Museum we had prepared several things for visitors. We spent almost the whole day for only Native American Museum.  In 5A’s museum, there were K5 to 3rd graders and also and there was bake sale with our classroom moms. We also had hard time to teach K5 to 3rd  graders.  We expected they are going to concentrate on what we said but everybody didn’t. However, It was great. We hope K5, 1st grade ,2nd grade, and 3rd grade enjoyed our Museum and learned many things. We hope there will be on more Social Studies Project like this!!!!

Iroquois Longhouse

Navajo Hogan

Inuit Igloo

Sioux Tepee


5 responses to “Our Museum’s Grand Opening!

  1. HA!
    This article is what I made!
    I hope my classmates enjoy it!!!
    I really enjoyed project!
    Ms. Kim do we have more project?
    I hope so?
    I’m looking for more articles
    I got it!
    There will be one more article from me!
    remember “MAYBE”

  2. I like the article! The museum was really busy teaching. I enjoyed teaching! First time teaching some one who is not my family! It was a cool experience. I kind of felt how the teachers would feel teaching us! Tiring but enjoyable. I want to experience it again!!!

  3. Cooool!!! I really love Navajo, Iroquois longhouse, sioux and the igloo! Everyone did a marvelous job!!^^

  4. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MEMEMEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. Yes because I said EVERYBODY which includes you…. everyone should get an honorable prize!
    {not trying to be mean.}

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