Articles wanted!

Hi Team Inspire!

Our blog is in need of new entries. If you have any interesting articles, poems, book reviews, stories, etc., that you would like published on our blog, please e-mail me! I am hoping to post entries written by students every week! 🙂

–Ms. Kim


11 responses to “Articles wanted!

  1. Okay! But I’m not sure what to write!♥

  2. About what? Can everyone do it? How do you do the happy face?

  3. can anyone post?

  4. After the field trip can I write about our field trip?

  5. what can we write about the feild trip

  6. wonder what to write about……..

  7. I will e-mail it to you Ms. Kim.(if i can)

  8. I think we can write about interesting books we read,what we think about global warming,extincting animal,and etc…Well,will it help???

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