Field Trip to the National Museum of Korea

Guess who??

Ancient Jewelry

Ancient Books!

ancient utensils




15 responses to “Field Trip to the National Museum of Korea

  1. was that esther and james?

  2. The hat is James,next to him the running girl is Ester or Sarah,and the far one is Jinny I think…Where did you find the utencils,and the warrior???cool~!It was the near my house,and I rode my bus so I enjoyed(?)the ride.The musium had alot of information I didn’t know.I thought I knew almost all the korean history because I read alot of books about korean history,and biography books but it helped alot! I want to have another field trip. And quick!!!

  3. Who is that?
    I’m curious about that!
    How did they made that?

  4. mu hahahaha! i am famous!

  5. First pictue must be James! It’s so funny:)

  6. it can be you, esther! someone probably took a picture of james and you and you must have been running up the stairs and accidently got in the picture.

  7. who were they ms. kim?

  8. I think it is Esther.Sorry for spelling your name wrong Esther…Really who are they?

  9. Oh is it James, Sarah and jinny! Maybe

  10. Where am I??

  11. Huck Jun loves to be in pictures I guess…However I think it is James, Esther, and Jinny. Good thing I’m not in the picture! I was goofing around everywhere!!!I wish we can go there again!!!

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