Finished with Rules

By: Kayley

 This week we finished the realistic fiction book Rules. We’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks, and discussing plot, character, and our feelings about the book. We have also talked with our book clubs about it, and made cards for vocabulary words in the book. We’ve written in our Readers’ Notebooks about it, and read it together during Reading workshop, on the carpet and in our seats during independent reading.

 Rules is about a girl whose younger brother has autism. She meets a boy at the clinic her brother goes to, and makes friends with a new girl in her neighbourhood, Kristi. However, she has to keep the fact that Jason has a wheelchair and a speech problem a secret because she doesn’t think Kristi will approve. Jason gets mad at her, and she apologizes by inviting him to a dance and confessing to Kristi.


6 responses to “Finished with Rules

  1. yeh~
    we finished it!
    and she did project too!

  2. I really like that book!

  3. I like how you described it!!! I really injoyed it… I wonder what we’ll read next! It is with the reading group right?^^

  4. we’re finished

  5. we’re finished! with the book

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