The Nature Walk

By: Jenna

Team inspire has been doing a lot of research on seeds. Everything about seeds. How they travel to other places and how they look like in the core. So, Ms.Kim has been thinking about a nature walk with 5A and 5B.When the teachers had all decided we began to walk to a nearby park/hill. Students have found many interesting plants, flowers and seeds on Wednesday. We had discovered a lot of things about different seeds and team inspire had a lot of fun

Seeds we collected!

Sketches of the seeds

More sketches

Student sketches of the seeds!

Nicely labeled drawings


5 responses to “The Nature Walk

  1. Nice article Jenna~! Everyone did a good job with their sketches as well! ^^

  2. Oh! Great article Jenna!
    I love it!

  3. It was so fun going to the hill with 5B! I wish we could do that again!

  4. Ohhh~! I’ve drawn(?) about 10 pictures! It was exiting! We/5a did it with 5b! A grade activity! It is really fun to do grade activities!!! I wonder what we’ll do next!!!!!

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