1st Publishing Party

By Kayley

Last Friday, October 1, Team Inspire had our first publishing party! We celebrated the publishing of our personal narratives. We listened to Jee-In, Gia, and Christopher’s personal narratives, then we did a gallery walk with everyone’s personal narratives. Many parents and a few faculty members also came and we all enjoyed the celebration together.


14 responses to “1st Publishing Party

  1. the publishing party was fun! the food was really good!
    …i think -ㅅ-

  2. thats weird i tried putting a comment , but it didn’t work

  3. It worked June-Woo! Thanks Kayley for the informative article!

  4. It was really cool. In my comments paper there are really good commnets from good teachers and good friends!
    But the thing I want to tell you is that…
    why I didn’t do these thing when I was classroom blah blah job last time!!

  5. It was exiting during publishing party!I wonder how I read through my story! I love how you wrote the article Kayley!I want to have another publishing party, quick!!!

  6. GooGoo GooGoo GooGooBa! I liked the drinks! I also liked the party!

  7. Googoogoogooogoogooba? Hmmm.

  8. I loved the publishing party! It was wonderfull! I couldn’t read all our class’s story, but I read mostly all of them! Good job everyone! My mom couldn’t come because of a meeting and my dad said he’ll come, but I can’t belive he actually did! (Thanks dad!) I LOVE PUBLISHING PARTY!^^

  9. I was in Ms. Kim’s class last year. I miss the publishing parties…..

  10. I TOTALLY LOVE PUBLISHING PARTY,TOO! I like the story I’m writing,too,^^. It is a bit long… I’m so~ happy my mom threw away work and came. I wonder how the next publishing party will be like~!

  11. we had a lot of fun with it. Christopher’s writng was so funny.

  12. Hahahaha

  13. Hahahaha! UgaUgaUgaUgaUgaUga!

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