RIP Mantis

We had a classroom pet for a  few weeks. Here are some photos of our praying mantis. You are missed by all of us!


11 responses to “RIP Mantis

  1. no! the cuttiest praying mentis die!
    Buyt the cuttiest praying mentis lay eggs!

  2. Rest in peace! We will never forget you. Goodbye. 😥

  3. 😦 :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(. Hope your eggs survive!

  4. Also, be happy in Heaven or Mantishalla!

  5. christopher kim

    hey!!!!!!!!!11 thank you for giving some good comments for my mantis. I hope he goes to a good place. Now who wants to get my cute mantis nymph???????

  6. Bye mantis! I wish we don’t have a pe mantis again! (It smells!)

  7. Really? It died? We have a pet fly called Flunky. It just flies in circles. It doesn’t live in a cage. My friend, Sarah named that fly.

  8. That mantis smelled… Anyway live happily in Mantishalla

  9. that old mantis…
    i wonder what he’s doing as a ghost

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