Wimp Yourself

I’m a huge fan of The Diary of a Wimpy Kids Series! I know a lot of students love the books as well. Now you can “wimp yourself”! Take a look at this fun website.


Here’s Ms. Kim’s version of herself:


11 responses to “Wimp Yourself

  1. Ha Ha! That looks funny!

  2. Nice wings!!!

  3. It’s nice…
    I wimp myself too!

  4. I’m sorry at top!
    I didn’t know the ‘WOH’ will be the wedsite thing….

  5. wimping yourself is fun(@^0^)==@

  6. yah~everybody sounds good!

  7. I tried it too and its quite fun bㅇㅅㅇb

  8. I love the Diary of a wimpy kid series!

  9. Hmmm….I wonder how would the Wimpy Kid author would look like…I love you Ms. Kim< I wanted to say it teehee^^

  10. It is a cool website!It’s fun to spend time with.It is like barbie!

  11. barbie! what do you know about barbie Jenny!?

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