The 50 States of America

Hi 5A! Here the links that I promised all of you from today’s social studies lesson. Practice singing the states song at home! πŸ™‚

Animaniacs 50 states song from today!

The World Song


10 responses to “The 50 States of America

  1. thank you!

  2. Hi Ms.Kim! I’m Jenny~ I try to sing but it’s too fast. I know that if I pratice it will be easy.. but ..still hard to me!
    and thank you!

  3. i we learn a lot in social studies.^^

  4. the song went so fast i felt so dizzy.

  5. i wonder if other people will soon write in here.

  6. hi ms. kim!!! i just checked the website today. it’s pretty neat! i practiced the song but i am still not good at it, but i’m kind of improving.^^

  7. It’s so fast, it’s creepy!

  8. The world countries are even worse!!! Help!!!

  9. This reminds me of 5th grade πŸ˜› I had a hard time memorizing them. What I did was just keep repeating and listening to the 50 states while doing other hw.kkk

  10. I lefy my lyric at school~!γ…‘3γ…‘It is too fast,confusing,and hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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